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swimming hiking running watch

Best Watches for Running, Cycling, Swimming

Here are some of the best watches for running, cycling ,swimming and hiking ! Some people simply use a watch to tell the time. Others look for watches that help…

best pocket watches for sale

The best pocket watches for sale

Pocket watches for sale   When they first appeared pocket watches for men caused a real stir in the fashion world. They were a must-have accessory in the early 1400s,…

talking watch for the blind

Talking watch for the blind of

Talking watch for the blind   The eyes are our window to the world. They enable us to enjoy the beauty of life. However, some people are less fortunate and…

mens tactical watches review

Best tactical watches review of 2015

Best tactical watches review   Although there is no fixed criteria that distinguishes tactical watches from other watches, I would say that there are certain features that these watches have…

best watches under 200 dollars

5 of the best watches under

Best watches under 200 dollars for men   Some may think it is impossible to find a great looking quality watch for under 200 dollars. I am here to prove…

best dive watches under 1000 dollars

Best dive watches under 1000 dollars

Best dive watches under 1000 dollars   OMG, i know tell me about. The variety of different dive watches in the market can make you go crazy ! choosing the…

best golf gps watch reviews

Hacked By HolaKo

Hacked by HolaKo Hacked By HolaKo Mess with the best, die like the rest../!\Straight Outta Palestine/!\

affordable automatic watches

5 Cheap automatic watches for men

5 Cheap automatic watches for men   The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of buying a new watch is – where can I find that…

pocket watches for men

Pocket watches for men of 2015

Pocket watches for men   The pocket watches were ancestors of what we all know today as wrist watches. They appeared around 1400s and instantly won over the hearts of…

lucien piccard watch review (590)

Lucien Piccard watch reviews of 2015

Lucien piccard watch reviews   Design – 4/5 Build Quality – 5/5 Functionality – 3/5 Value for money – 4/5 Overall Score – 4/5 Every watch comes with its own story that makes it…