Pocket watches for men of 2015

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Pocket watches for men


The pocket watches were ancestors of what we all know today as wrist watches. They appeared around 1400s and instantly won over the hearts of many. They were a symbol of elegance and luxury and you could rarely find a man without a pocket watch in his coat. Today things have changed and although we can’t really say that they are as popular as back then, they are certainly a fashion detail that will cheat a smile on many faces. I believe that the pocket watches are a real treasure and I cherish them. Therefore I have made a selection of five of the best pocket watches for men and I would like to share my thoughts with you.




ShoppeWatch Skeleton Pocket Watch


I will open my presentation with the ShoppeWatch, simple yet elegant pocket watch that will show you what it felt like to live in the 1400s. The case is made of silver tone metal with diameter of 47 millimeters and 16 millimeters thickness. What is specific about this watch is that both sides of the watch are well protected by two metal covers. When you open the front cover you can see the white dial with black roman numerals, decorated with a skeleton pattern in the center part of the dial. When you open the back cover of the watch you can see the mechanism which moves the hands. I never understood why most of these watches allow you to see the mechanism, but it’s a great designer touch. The dial and the mechanism are additionally protected by a dial window made of acrylic mineral. And finally as most pocket watches for men this watch comes with a matching silver tone metal chain which would be the old fashioned version of the band.

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3866-S



Charles-Hubert, Paris 3866-S have a similar version of that pocket watch I was telling you about before. This too opens on both sides, one allowing you to tell the time and the other allowing you to see the mechanism. The case is made of brass with a diameter of 47 millimeters and it is 19 millimeters thick. The external part of the case is engraved with some interesting details that complement its antique design. The dial is white with black Roman numerals and skeleton design in the center of the watch. To protect the dial they have used plastic which is not a very sophisticated material and it provides only limited protection which is its only downside, so please no flinging!

ShoppeWatch Eagle Design

ShoppeWatch Eagle Design Pocket Watch


My next watch differs greatly from the previous pocket watches for men I have discussed, mainly because of its design. The case is made of metal in antique gold color. The diameter of the case is 45 millimeters and its thickness is 15 millimeters. The dial is fairly simple and every detail was kept to minimum. The only thing you can notice on the white dial are the large numbers and the black hands with very specific design. The dial is covered by acrylic mineral that protects the watch from scratches. When it comes to the details, it seems that the manufacturer wanted to give us the opportunity to tell the time very easy, but made sure to make this watch very attractive once we close it. The front cover of the watch is a captivating image of an eagle catching its prey… nice.

Fafada® Mechanical Mens Pocket Watch

 Fafada Mechanical Mens Pocket Watch

Fafada® also decided to play with the design of their pocket watches for men judging by the look of their dragon watch. As you probably already guessed, the exterior of the case is decorated with a big very detailed blue dragon on a black background. The case is made of alloy and has a diameter of 51 millimeters and thickness of 16 millimeters. The dial is black with rose-gold toned Roman numerals and a skeleton dial in the center. It is covered by a dial window made of glass. The same dial window is used for the back of the watch which allows you to take a peek in the mechanism of the watch. This watch also comes with a matching chain to complete its look of an authentic pocket watch. To see the best pocket watches for sale click here.

Gotham Men’s Pocket Watch

Gotham Men's Gun Metal Ultra Thin Railroad Open Face Quartz Pocket Watch GWC15026B


My final suggestion of my most favorite pocket watches for men is Gotham Men’s pocket watch, a watch with very clean design and without any excessive details. The case is made of brass in gun metal tones. It has a diameter of 42 millimeters and thickness of 10 millimeters. The dial is white decorated with black numerals from 1 to 12 and smaller red numerals from 13 to 24. This little addition is not really crucial, as you will be able to tell the time without the double dial but it gives it a rather interesting look. The only thing that is left for me to say about this watch is that it comes with a chain and the ability to attach the watch to your belt.

I can’t really talk about the specific prices of these watches that are cheap for men, as they often change. However, rest assured they are all very affordable and will be a great accessory to your outfit. Most, if not all pocket watches are not intended to be used in or around water so make sure you avoid such situations. It’s not like you are wearing the watch on your wrist so you can forget to take it off. As long as you don’t swim or shower with your pants on you shouldn’t worry about the watch. I truly hope I was able to transfer some of the passion I have for the pocket watches and help you decide on choosing a pocket watch for you men.


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