Raymond Weil Toccata Review

Raymond Weil Toccata Review


Certain things that never go out of style, especially accessories that have been known for their dramatic comeback on the fashion scene. Flares? Tight Jeans? Whats next , leather pants. The great thing about watches is that they newer go out of style. It can be used over and over again for years to come. Men usually keep their accessories at minimum, as they are still fairly new in the world of fashion. It has been only a few years since they have started showing an increased interest for colors, styles and accessories. It’s not that they didn’t have that in them, but the tastes and preferences are broadened by the ever changing influences of society. Today things are rapidly progressing and you can see a lot of men that are more conscious about material things. One thing that has always been an evergreen interest to men are wrist watches. They seem to become easily addicted to this accessory and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see somebody with a huge collection of fashionable watches. Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is that this guy must be spending a fortune on his secret addiction, but don’t let yourself be easily fooled. Since we live in a global village where we have access to products all around the world and on top of that increase in global trade and hence competitors it is very often you can find quality products for affordable prices. There are a lot of quality automatic watches to buy under 500 which are great for value for money. But for more mens watches under 500  our findings show that Raymond Weil Toccata wrist watch is the best watch under 500 among all of them.



Model Number :  W-5488-PC-00300
RRP: $1050
Color:  White / other colors available
Brand:  Raymond Weil
Series:  Toccata
Bezel:  Fixed Gold Plated
Case Material:  Stainless Steel gold plated
Dial Color:  White
Age:  Classical/ Modern
Movement:  Quartz
Case Diameter:  39 Mm
Case Thickness:  7.89 Mm
Features:  Date

At first glance



Classical is the first words that come to my mind when i see this watch. The second is diverse,This watch has a diverse design suiting Gen X or Gen Y people. Real fashionistas has praised this watch both for its quality and design. It can be combined in many different outfits and be worn on more or less formal occasions. Although it might sound funny to you, but there is no look that this watch can’t complement.

The case is made of gold platted stainless steel that adds to the seriousness and elegancy of the watch. The diameter of the case is 39 millimeters which is somewhat standard size for most men’s watches and it is 7.89 millimeters thick. The dial is made in white, the color of perfection and purity which accentuates the simplicity of the watch. The details are kept to minimum emphasizing the numerals and the company logo. On the three o’clock position there is a small display that indicates the date.

There are only two time hands, colored in gold that move with the help of the quartz mechanism. That means that in order for this watch to work you would need a proper battery.

For the dial window, Raymond Weil used the material we would expect such a professional to use. We are talking about the scratch resistant sapphire which is considered to be one of the best materials used for this purpose. Researches have shown that the sapphire is up to 20 times harder than the acrylic mineral which enables it to provide better protection for your watch. Of course that doesn’t mean that you should test and see for yourself how much your watch can handle, but you can be comfortable while wearing it without having to worry you might accidently scratch the surface. This is by far the best watch under 500 dollars as it is really made of high quality materials. If you take into consideration the effort and the materials used to make this watch you would start wandering if the manufacturer is actually making any profit.

The band is probably the main part that contributes to the simplicity of the watch and the so called retro look. It is 20 centimeters long and 20 millimeters wide. The length of the watch can be easily adjusted, but do not attempt to do that by yourself. If the watch needs to be cut short take it to someone who knows how to do it properly. At the end of the day you are buying the best watch under 500 and you should handle it with care. The band is made of strong leather to ensure longer duration with a tang claps, simple enough so you can put on/off your watch in a second, but at the same time strong enough to make sure you won’t risk the possibility of falling of your wrist.

Water Resistance

Raymond Weil as usual puts a lot of thought and intricacy in its watch designs. He knew that people often forget to take out their watch while in the water and when they realize that, it’s already too late. It hurts when you see your watch destroyed just because you were reckless. But, that can’t happen to you, not with Raymond Weil Toccata Men’s Watch 5488-PC-00300. No wonder this is the best watch under 500 when you can swim, fish, water raft with this wash. You can do everything that doesn’t involve deep waters. It is water resistant up to 165 feet so it’s not really suitable for diving or snorkeling. Remember to take it off if you were planning on exploring the bottom of the ocean.

Faults & Frustrations

Some frustrations based on our findings about this watch was that some people found the watch face to be slightly too small. However that could be avoided by doing the proper research before hand.
Also be careful where you buy this watch as there are definitely circumstances where people try and sell you a fake !


From what we have presented so far it will be fair to say that you will be getting the best watch under 500 if we take into consideration the brand, the quality of the watch , design and last of all pricing. The watches can go for over $1000 dollars retail but in Amazon you can find them for a knack under 500.

Watches like this one are timeless, they never become dull. Based on our subjective findings we truly believe this is the best dress watch under 500 that you can find available on the market. Raymond Weil often says that his watches are inspired by the music. For him every watch is a unique masterpiece that awaits for its rightful owner. Are you that rightful owner? please let me know of your thoughts and if you had any experiences with this watch.

RRP: $ 1050



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