Stuhrling watches review of 2016

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Stuhrling watches review 2016

When watches were first introduced it was considered a luxury item that only the rich could afford. Then one man named Henry Fischer changed that idea by creating luxury watches that ordinary people can afford. This was the beginning of the Stuhrling company that over the years has grown into a well-known brand that produces watches with appealing design for affordable prices. Since I can’t make up my mind which one I like the best I have made this Stuhrling watches review containing five of my favorite watches in the hope that you might help me decide which one is the best.

Stuhrling Original Men’s 699.02 Aviator

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I will start my Stuhrling watches review with the Stuhrling Original Men’s 699.02 Aviator watch. This is modern and stylish watch that can help you look fashionable in any outfit you wear. The round case is made of polished stainless steel material with a diameter of 43 millimeters and thickness of 10. There is nothing on the gray dial that can be called ordinary, starting from the minute and hourly markings to the days of the week that look as if they are placed in a thermometer. The three o’clock position is replaced by a display that indicates the date. I must admit it is one of the most creative solutions I have seen so far. For the dial window Stuhrling used a Hardlex material responsible for keeping the watch in good shape. The beige calfskin leather band comes in the standard men’s length with width of 23 millimeters and a simple buckle clasp. On top of this unique design the watch is water resistant for up to 330 feet which makes it suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 768.02 Ascot

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The second Stuhrling watch review talks about the Stuhrling Original Men’s 768.02 Ascot. This arguably could be the most simplistic watch that Stuhrling has created however not losing its stylish luxurious look. The predominant color of the watch is black with a few silver details for added elegance. The round stainless steel case has a diameter of 42 millimeters and it is 11 millimeters thick. The black dial helps accentuate the three silver hands and the hourly markings enhancing the simplicity of the watch. Above the six o’clock position there is a small display that indicates the date. The dial window is made of Krysterna crystal that protects the watch from scratches. The black band is made of genuine calfskin leather, standard men’s length and 20 millimeters width featuring a simple buckle closure. This watch is water resistant up to 165 feet so it is suitable for shorter swimming activities, but not for snorkeling or diving.

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 571.33152

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 571.33152 is my third choice for this Stuhrling watches review. The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at this watch is – chaos. The dial has so attributes which also gives the watch a unique look. The skeleton design that Stuhrling used is very attractive. As for the case of the watch, Stuhrling stayed true to their style and used the usual stainless steel material. The diameter of the case is 44 millimeters and it is 14 millimeters thick. The dial window is made of Krysterna crystal for protection during harder use and scratches. The black calfskin leather band calms down the excitement over the dial and gives more elegant tone of the watch. It has the standard men’s length, 24 millimeters width and a simple buckle clasp. The watch is water resistant up to 165 feet and it is not suitable for underwater activities. I don’t know about you but as I write these Stuhrling watch reviews I am more and more convinced that I won’t be able to choose my favorite watch.

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 133.33151

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 133.33151 is yet another watch that has rightfully earned its place in my Stuhrling watch review. Here too Stuhrling used their skeleton pattern to create interesting dial that will attract your attention. In order to tell the time you really need to look hard for the markings and the hands. Luckily for you the 46mm/11mm round stainless steel case is big enough to find your way around the details on the dial. The dial window is made of Krysterna Crystal so you are scratch-free assuming you are using your watch wisely. The band is made of black calfskin leather. It is 22 millimeters wide, standard length and features a buckle clasp. As with the watches from the previous Stuhrling reviews this watch is water resistant only up to 165 feet.

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Stuhrling Original Men’s 881.03 Winchester

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They say you need to save the best for the end, so maybe that is what I did. I will end my Stuhrling watches reviews with the watch named Stuhrling Original Men’s 881.03 Winchester. I was immediately attracted by its originality and stylish design. As always the biggest effort was invested into the dial which was carefully structured to leave everyone breathless. The entire watch is black and adds a mystical element to the entire impression. To achieve this effect Stuhrling kept the details and additional functions to minimum so if we eliminate the design there isn’t much this watch has to offer. But the design compensates for everything. The dial is covered with Stuhrling’s favorite Krysterna Crystal for better protection from scratches. For your reference the round case is made of stainless steel measuring 42 millimeters in diameter and 8 millimeters in thickness. As for the band, it is made of calfskin and features a buckle clasp. The width of the band is 22 millimeters and the length is the usual standard men’s size. Nothing has changed in the water resistance depth either so this watch is resistant up to 165 feet.

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Stuhrling watches are great watches with a good reputation worldwide. Whether it is these watches or other designs its hard to go wrong.


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